Complete each of the worksheets and attach a full 2 page paper analyzing each of
Complete each of the worksheets and attach a full 2 page paper analyzing each of the worksheets. 1. Provide an overview of the family’s financial situation and explain what you learned from each worksheet about their financial management. What purpose do they serve and how did it help you assess the financial situation? 2. You will need to identify areas of spending that the family should change and explain why you selected those categories. 3. Compare and contrast their budget for this month and your proposed budget options for the next month. 4. What adjustments did you have to make? After making the changes, how will this benefit the family? 5. What did you learn about budgeting? I would suggest treating each objective as a separate section in your paper. In each section, answer the questions listed in the objectives using details from the two worksheets and the case study. This assignment is meant to stretch you a bit as I want you to really spend some time looking over the family’s budget and looking for ways they could make some changes. Take a few minutes to read through the first objective, review the two worksheets, and then give me an overview of the family's finances, tell me about each worksheet, its purpose, and how it helped you better understand the family’s financial situation. When you have covered that objective, then move on to the second and so on. You should also pull up the rubric for the paper (which is also on the assignment page in Canvas) as it will give you more ideas as to what is expected in each section of the paper.

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