complaint letter for a doctor who preformed dermal filler providing details of complications and being over filled.
Hi, This will be a complaint letter to an aesthatic doctor who preformed dermal filler, I went for a consultation previously to have tear trough, cheeks and jawline the Doctor insisted that I should have a chine filler or the procedure will look odd and not to add anything else we spoke for few min. and the Doctor spoke about botox ad other treatments, But I just wanted to focus on my concerns. I have had previous filler which I dissolved so I can start fresh under ultrasound to make sure there was nothing left. Once I have made sure everything was dissolved under ultrasound I have made an appointment with the doctor. I went to see her and she decided not to treat the tear trough but instead we need to treat the temple area I never had my temple treated before and no previous doctor recommended that area before because of my 24 and because I dont have enough space for filler. she also pointed that I need it to do my lips for hydration. I was excited to get the treatments done we went ahead and agreed to her expertise to treat the areas she recommended. she started with the temple are my temple when she finished the temple looked over filler and she did try to push the filler inside with her fingers but it didn't help and she commented it that it is normal and it is just bruises from the cannula. then she continued injecting the other areas. Temple, cheeks, jawline and chin. once we were done she looked again at my temple and tried to push it in but it did not improve my jawline also had a lump on the side she tried to manipulate it with her hands but not much improvements. She assured me it is normal and my filler will settle in after few weeks. When I went home I could feel a sharp throbbing on my temple I waited as she recommended my face did look weird and it was overfilled and I could see it so I contacted her to make sure and she issued me it's just swelling and it will take time for it to go down and settle in. I contacted her again is there's anything I can do at home that would help but I did not hear back from her. I went to meet my friends in London and everyone was pointing out my temple and jawline and cheeks that been treated that it looks very off especially my temple area as it looked like I had horns and there is a huge round pump and you can also see my vein throbbing. I started to get sever headache on my right side of the temple because of the filler that has been injected, I started to press down and I could feel the vein on my right temple throbbing none stop on the 7th of sep I couldn't breathe properly because of the sharp pain I suffered from the filler on my right temple It gotten worse and the skin color changed to black and the vein started throbbing very quickly and I fainted when I woke up my vision on my right eye started to get blurry and I had to call the ambulance as I was alone and. I feared for my life I count breath properly because of the sever pain on my right temple from the filler that has been injected. The ambulance came and took me to the hospital to the stroke Department as they were worried that I had a stroke because of the symptoms of blurred vision, breathing and loss of sensations in my arms with clawed hands. they did MRI Head, CT Scan to rule out any neurological infra functional any head injuries or neurological concerns. The testing was clear as It wasn't neurological but it was from the temple filler. The Doctor at the Emergency Department recommend to do ultrasound for the fillers been injected and explained that it is important to get these ultrasounds to determine the problem that the filler caused as it is very disturbing, shocking and frightening. I was booked for the ultrasound and the Ultrasound specialist did confirm that at my age 24 Temple filler should have not been recommended even if there was flatness because I am quite young and I do not have space for filler and it will put pressure on my beating views which could lead to fainting and blurred vision. My face also looked very odd and over filled with very little movements the Doctor examined the areas that I was injected and confirmed the areas that the filler was injected was not correct and the amount was humongous leaving me with a very distorted face. All of the above have caused me a lot of stress, physically , mentally and emotionally. My experience was very frightening and I fear for my life. I am a model and my work depends on my physical appearance. I explained that to the doctor few times and raised my concerns about being injected in the wrong area and being over filled. However I do not feel like I have been heard at all and I feel like I was sold treatments that was not suitable for me, not my age and not my anatomy. This whole situation caused me to take time off work because I am depressed of what I have been through and my over filled face. I can not work, and I do not want to leave my house. When I messaged the doctor raised my concerns and asking for a refund to fix The reply I got was that I suffered from a headache. Explain here that there was no empathy or responsibility been taking by the doctor Emphasize more that this has cause me a lot of stress depression and loss of income etc. Then ask for a refund of the amount 1,540 pounds which is a lot of money and also explain that I am a student and I work as model etc and how I was left botched etc also explain the Ultra sound scan as evidence of being over filled etc explain how I lost confidence in their clinic and I do not want to carry on any type of treatments after the niglences and the way the doctor dealt with the whole situation. And plz also mentions legal if I do not receive my refund . Also explain that it will cost me 1200 to get the filler dissolved with ultrasound guidance etc. especially with temple filler as it is very hard to dissolve.

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