Company Profile Summary: Alphabet Inc.
Each student will be assigned a publicly-held media company and are responsible for getting to know that firm in-depth. You will read the Form 10-K, monitor press releases, watch for earnings reports and be aware of mergers and divestitures and other significant events. Students will provide a summary of their firms on September 19. They will provide a review of what has transpired at the corporation during the semester, including any significant developments on December 4. This assignment will be submitted on a discussion board so all students can refer to the research as they prepare class assignments. Publicly-held media company: Alphabet Inc. Please ask if anything isn't clear thank you! Also, is it possible for the tutor to fulfill the second part of the assignment? due December? or is it best to just put in another order later on? Please provide and reference some sources for the information that will be stated. Thank you!

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