Class Work: Name: _______________________________________________ Date
Class Work: Name: _______________________________________________ Date: ___________ Your professor asked you to collect data on different species of white oaks in a watershed where he was studying foraging behavior of herbivores. White oaks put out acorns yearly and hence more productive for animals that depend on fruits and foliage. As such, she was interested in the density of white oaks, but after this class, having learned about distribution, you wanted to add the local distribution patterns of these oaks in different plots you sampled. So, you generated the following table and calculated the densities and distribution of various white oaks with similar function before you handed her your chart with results. What would be your logical suggestions on how they might use these different plots optimally. Please complete this assignment [Show your work] Mean: mean x =S x/n Variance: S2= S (sample x – mean x)2/(n-1) Different groups of white oak Plot1 # /10sqKm Plot2 # /10sqKm Plot3 # /10sqKm Plot4 # /10sqKm Mohr oak 1 4 1 5 Chinkapin oak 1 1 1 0 Chestnut oak 2 3 5 7 Swamp Chestnut oak 1 3 0 8 Over cup oak 1 2 3 0 Burr oak 1 1 1 0 English oak 2 6 6 7 White oak 2 3 2 9 Lacey oak 1 3 6 0 Mean Variance Variance to mean ratio Distribution pattern Your logical suggestion: ___________________________________________

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