Class: Lifespan Growth and Development THE BOOK USED FOR THIS CLASS IS LOCATED A
Class: Lifespan Growth and Development THE BOOK USED FOR THIS CLASS IS LOCATED AT: THE BOOK REFERENCE IS: The Human Development Teaching & Learning Group. (n.d.). Human development. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. In-text citation. Page numbers and quote marks are required with quotes. INSTRUCTIONS: MOVIE REVIEW You will select one growing older" film to view. I have provided both PG13 and R titles. Some films will have violence, profanity, sexual innuendo, smoking, drug use. Others will not. Select according to your personal preference. You will find some of these films on Youtube, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu etc. Most of these are available to rent from $2.99-$5.00 on Amazon Here are the questions for your paper. Use APA formatting, INCLUDING TITLE PAGE, IN-TEXT CITATIONS, AND DOUBLE-SPACING Title Page-APA No abstract A brief intro to film-3-5 sentences--do not tell me the whole plot Identify examples of at least 3 of these elements of aging. Explain the element in your own words. Share specific examples from the movie: USE THE TEXT. 100-150 words for each term. Use in-text citations for film and text. Example: Tina and her family were usually close. However, Tina showed average irritation with her parents by arguing about insignificant issues, as happens in many happy families. Berger states, "Some bickering may indicate a healthy family, since close relationships almost always include conflict. The parent-child relationship usually improves with time" (2017, p. 462). What did you learn from the film that may affect your approach to growing older or your approach to interacting with older adults? 100 words Reference page-APA: include film and textbook Sample: Producer Last Name, F.M. (Producer), & Director Last Name, F.M. (Director). (Release Year). Title of motion picture [Film]. Studio. NOTE: THE CITATION GENERATOR DOES APA JOURNAL ARTICLES AND FILM TITLES INCORRECTLY. THE TITLE IS IN SENTENCE FORM, AS IN THIS SAMPLE. IF YOU USE THE CITATION GENERATOR, MAKE THE CHANGES BEFORE SUBMITTING. Terms-choose three generativity versus stagnation empty nest sandwich generation crystallized intelligence analytic intelligence creative intelligence practical intelligence ageism elderspeak primary aging secondary aging neurocognitive disorder (NCD) mild cognitive impairment (MCI) Alzheimer’s disease (AD) polypharmacy self-actualization integrity versus despair disengagement theory activity theory integrated care Film Choices: Five Flights Up Poms Quartet The Trip to Bountiful Harry and Tonto The Dig The Curious Case of Benjamine Button Driving Miss Daisy On Golden Pond The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel The Bucket List Elsa and Fred Lovely Still Robin and Marion Something's Gotta Give Unforgiving Sideways Gran Torino The Tree Young at Heart

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