Cicero Ideal Orator (This covers Book I.1–Book II.98) (There is no page minimum
Cicero Ideal Orator (This covers Book I.1--Book II.98) (There is no page minimum or maximum for this assignment but try to keep it under 7 pages) This covers Cicero’s On the Ideal Orator from book 1.1 through book 2.98. The main discussion about the ideal orator can be found in book 1 sections 1-160. There is more discussion after this—talking about natural abilities versus training and how much one needs to know the law, etc. **I am not seeking to know your feelings about this topic! Our feelings often vary based on things that happen to/around us. The assignment asks you to build an argument based on what is stated by Cicero in his text.** For this paper, give Cicero’s background and historical context, and write an overview of Cicero’s requirements to become an Ideal Orator. Please quote from the text to support your paper's claims! Cite all outside sources and cite Cicero’s book to support your claims--these MUST be cited whether you quote directly or you paraphrase the idea. INCLUDE A Bibliography! Your paper will be graded based on the 5 parts below (in addition to quoting/citing sources and having a bibliography). 5 Part paper: 1. Introduction, 2. Historical background and context of Cicero's life (this means you need to find out about Cicero as a person during the time he lived/died. 3. Overview of requirements for Ideal Orator, 4. How does the Ideal Orator expectation shape our understanding of persuasion and place demands on the speaker? How would you look differently at a politician or professor or preacher based on these expectations? 5. Conclusion. Worth Up to 50 points. You cannot receive a grade higher than a C if your paper does not include several quotes (aim for 5 or more) from the assigned readings (this can include some outside, but related, readings) for that assignment. This is not to be punitive but to ensure you have read, are familiar with, and can interpret the readings. **NOTE you MUST cite all your sources that you use--whether direct quotes or paraphrases!! Give BOTH an in-text citation and put the source in the bibliography at the end of the paper.** Please be sure to upload this paper either as a Microsoft Word or .pdf document, 12 point font, 1 inch margins, double spaced, and label your document (that you upload) as LASTName_Cicero1.docx (or .pdf). Thank you!

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