Choose only one topic. This research paper requires at least one outside source
Choose only one topic. This research paper requires at least one outside source (which you will get by using Valencia’s databases). That outside source will be used to defend your thesis statement (once you decide what that thesis will be). You will cite and paraphrase from your research. You will also cite and paraphrase from the play you have chosen to write about. Discuss Nora Helmer’s change as a woman throughout A Doll's House? How does she change and what situations lead to her change? Did she change for the better? When Nora Helmer leaves her husband, Torvald Helmer, at the end of A Doll's House, she believes she is doing what needs to be done. However, given the context of the time, she will not have an easy life. Is Nora doomed for a life of struggles, or do you think she will be much happier as a woman away from Torvald Helmer? It’s been argued that Tom Wingfield in Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie suffers from severe abandonment issues after having been abandoned by his father at a young age. From a psychological perspective, make an argument for or against this statement. Amanda Wingfield in Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie is a complex character. She has many flaws. What do you think are her greatest flaws and how do those flaws affect her relationship with her children? Jane Martin’s Beauty addresses the importance we place on a woman’s physical attributes. Are there specific expectations of what women should or should not look like in our society and who is responsible for setting these expectations? 1. Read each topic above very carefully. The topics are further explained on page two of this module: Paper One Topics Explained. Click next on the bottom right for page two. 2. Choose one topic that you would like to write your paper on. 3. Go though all the pages in this module (by clicking next on the bottom right) to make sure you understand what you need to do to write a good paper. These pages are: Paper One Topics Explained, Writing a Research Paper Paper: Process and Format, How to Access Databases...and Paper One Grading. If you are still unsure, please discuss with your professor. 4. After you are clear on what you have to write about and you have chosen a topic (from above), create a thesis statement for your topic (please go the Writing a Research Paper: Process and MLA page of this module). 5. If you are unable to create a thesis statement, go to Valencia's Library and research your topic. Sometimes, research helps with the process of thesis construction. If you are still unsure, please make a Zoom appointment with your professor to talk. 6. Find at least one outside source for your paper. Go to the How to Access Databases... page in this module to find out how to find outside sources for your paper. 7. Once you have an outside source and you have a thesis, write a first draft for your paper. 7. Revise your first draft. Keep revising until you get to a paper that you believe will work for you. 8. Use the Writing Center (the Writing Center helps with grammar, content and MLA). 9. Contact your professor for help as you complete any of these steps in this process. 10. Hand in your paper by the due date. No late papers will be accepted.

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