Choose one of the following films. Pulp Fiction(Quentin Tarantino) A slightly d
Choose one of the following films. Pulp Fiction(Quentin Tarantino) A slightly different format than your film reviews. Research your filmmaker before watching the film. Page 1 Please write a one-page biography about the director of your film. If you have properly researched your director, you should have insight into who they are and what they are about as a person and should notice that in their filmmaking. Biographies must include primary sources cited with the text of the paper. Page 2 is a one-page film review that not only gives us your reaction to the content but ties the biography to the film. You need to properly cite the film and any sources both within the text of the paper and on a works cited page. You need to use primary sources not reference sites. Examples of reference sites would be The Encyclopedia,, IMDB etc.. Examples of primary sources would be: The Atlantic, The New Yorker, American Cinematographer, The New York Times,, Film Comment, Cineaste and others. Film Review Rules apply to this paper. DO NOT SUMMARIZE the film! Please do not submit rough drafts, I will be grading content, punctuation, grammar and style. Points will be deducted from your score if any of these items are noted: Grammar errors -5-15 points Use of “I” -20 points Multiple spelling errors -5-15 points Information in the paper comes from a source but is not cited in the text -10 Sources in text but no Works Cited page -10 points Rotten Tomatoes -50 points Wikipedia -25 points Paper is the plot of the film -65 points

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