Choose ONE of the following causes of the Great Depression and explain how the p
Choose ONE of the following causes of the Great Depression and explain how the programs of the New Deal aimed at addressing this cause changed American society at the time and to the present day [do not simply describe the program; you need to analyze its impact(s)]: 1) Too much borrowing and risky speculation in the market 2) Unstable banking practices 3) U.S. economy lacked diversity 4) U.S. farmers faced too much debt and drought Your essay should be approximately 3 paragraphs long. You need to cite two scholarly sources from either the sources given or from your own research. I posted pictures of some sources into the files. If you choose to use direct quotes from sources, please keep them short (less than 2 lines of text). Be sure to cite all of your sources using Chicago Manual Style in-text citations (as shown in the sample essay provided). You will also need to include complete bibliographical citations at the end of your essay (again, please see the sample essay provided) Please note that even though you are presenting your opinion, avoid using I, we, you, our in your writing; simply present your thesis as objective fact in your first sentence, and then prove it by citing sources and providing specific historical details in the body of your essay. Although brief, this is a formal history essay, so avoid slang and statements such as "I think" or "I believe." Also, be sure to have someone else proofread your draft and to use spellcheck.

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