Choose a text— from Whitman, Twain, Howells, Jewett, or James—and write a two-to
Choose a text— from Whitman, Twain, Howells, Jewett, or James—and write a two-to-three-page paper (not including your Works Cited page) that critiques its use of Realism. How does the author describe everyday life and people accurately? Be sure to provide brief examples from the text. You should include short direct quotes cited by page number. Your Norton Anthology contains a useful definition of Realism, which states that “Realism implies a rejection of romantic, heroic, exaggerated, and idealistic views of life in favor of detailed, accurate descriptions of the everyday. The characters are presented as ordinary people involved in the normal moral dilemmas of life” (955). So, another way to consider this assignment is to explain how the text you select adheres to this definition. Tips: Provide a Works Cited page that contains an entry for any text quoted or summarized in your paper. If you are more comfortable writing in APA style, I will accept that as well; just make sure you cite accurately and compose a paper that adheres to your stylesheet! Focus on your ideas! You do not need to rely on lengthy summary of plot. Assume that your audience has read the texts and has an understanding of the plot. Organize your paragraphs like this: Claim – a topic sentence that is opinion-oriented. State your idea as clearly as possible! Evidence – provide a direct quote that supports the claim. Explanation – tell the audience how the evidence supports the claim.

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