Child and Adolescent Psychology Lesson 1 Assignment #1: Review of Developmental
Child and Adolescent Psychology Lesson 1 Assignment #1: Review of Developmental Research Part of conducting developmental research is reviewing and understanding published research studies. In this research project, you will choose one of the topics that will be covered in this course and find a research article in a journal on the chosen topic. Browse your text for ideas but any topic related to children or adolescents will work. Read the article and write a report about the article. Be sure to include a citation for your article (authors, title, journal, volume, pages and year). I prefer APA format but if you are familiar with a different format that will be ok too. In addition to including the main points of the study, give your personal reactions to the research findings. Again, you will need an actual research article describing a study not a review article. Most research articles are organized in the following sections: introduction, methods, results, discussion. Please complete this assignment with complete sentences in paragraph form. You may provide a brief overview of the article and then address the questions OR you may provide your overview within your answers to the questions below. Answer the following questions: 1. Can you use the title of the study to identify the independent and dependent variables? Identify the IV and DV. (Many titles are in this format: “The effects of IV on the DV.”) 2. What did you learn from the introduction section? What is the historical background of the research topic? What theoretical explanations are emphasized in this section? What is the hypothesis of the present study? 3. What did you learn from the methods section? Who were the subjects and how many subjects were in the study? What procedures (e.g., apparatus, directions, assessment tools) were used? 4. What did you learn from the results section? What kinds of statistical procedures were used? What did you learn from charts, frequency tables, and bar graphs? 5. What did you learn from the discussion section? How did the authors interpret their results? Did they provide alternative explanations? Did they talk about the limitations of the present research study? What future research studies were suggested? 6. What kinds of ideas did this article make you think about? Possible journals in Developmental Psychology (you may locate online or through the OU Library) You do not need to pay for a journal article because you can access through OU Library Child Development Developmental Psychology Adolescence Journal of Educational Psychology Human Development Infant Behavior and Development Journal of Research in Adolescence

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