CHAPTERS 3 AND 4 OF THE TEXTBOOK Alfred Hitchcock once told screenwriter Ernest
CHAPTERS 3 AND 4 OF THE TEXTBOOK Alfred Hitchcock once told screenwriter Ernest Lehman that he thought of the audience “like a giant organ that you and I are playing. At one moment we play this note on them and get this reaction, and then we play that chord and they react that way.” For this critique, you will watch the entirety of Psycho (from the Streaming Movies resources) and analyze one scene (not the shower scene) to reveal how the film’s director, Alfred Hitchcock uses camera movement and editing to “play” the audience “like a giant organ.” First, watch the film in its entirety, paying close attention to how the camera moves and how the scene is edited. Next, choose one memorable scene to analyze in detail. The scene should be about 30-60 seconds long. First focus on what Hitchcock does, then work on why he does it. Count the number of shots. Within each shot, does the camera move, or is it stationery? Does the director keep the camera close to the action, thus emphasizing motion? Or does he de-emphasize movement through the use of long shots, high angles, and slow-paced action? Are the camera’s movements smooth or choppy? Lyrical or disorienting? How much cutting is there and why? Are the shots highly fragmented or relatively lengthy? What is the point of the cutting? To clarify? To stimulate? To lyricize? To create suspense? To explore an idea or emotion in depth? Discuss the answers to these questions to reveal how Hitchcock uses movement and editing techniques to obtain the desired reaction from the audience in the scene you selected. Use your textbook to guide your discussion. Cite all references to the textbook in MLA format. It is not necessary to research additional information for this critique, but if you do use outside sources in the paper, they must also be cited in MLA format in the body of the paper and on the works cited page. ***** KEY THINGS TO FOCUS ****** Count the number of different edits, and identify the number of unique shots and different angles. How does the scene affect you? How do the editing and multiple angles add to or distract from the story? Working from our list of seven basic moving camera shots on page 114, describe what camera movement you would use to film each event and why. Refer to pictures throughout Chapter 3 for inspiration or post an image or video clip to serve as an illustration. Length: 3-4 double-spaced page Scene you can select to write paper on ... you can look them up time frame 1st. 25:40 - 26:30 (when she is in the car on the way to the motel 2nd. 01:07:20 - 01:08:35 (when the personal investigator is at the motel 3rd. 1:16:55 - 1:17:08 (when personal investigator go inside the house) 4th. 1:17:24 - 1:17:36 (when personal investigator gets killed) LINK TO TEXTBOOK (JUST COPY AND PASTE THE LINK) chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/ THE MOVIE IS CALLED PSYCHO YOU CAN FIND IT ON AMAZON PRIME AND OTHER LINKS THE LINK TO PREVIEW OF THE MOVIE IS

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