Chapter One & Two Draft Submission


Statement Of Purpose:

1. Has the overall purpose of the project been stated? 

2. Does the statement serve to give the reader an adequate overview of the project?

3. Is the statement concise, clear, and appealing? 

Setting of the Problem:

1. Is there a general but current description of the organization or community in which the project is proposed? 

2. Are the number of people involved indicated? 

3. Are all the unique characteristics of the organization described? 

History and Background of the Problem

1. Is there a full picture of the problem, as it currently exists, indicating all the symptoms, possible causes, and their interrelationships?

2. Is there a historical context of the problem; i.e., how long it has existed and major possible causes that had an influence on it?

3. Are there any interrelationships between parts of the problem and parts of the setting described?

Scope of the PROJECT

1. Is there a description of the aspects of the setting included in the study and of those not included?

2. Is there a description of exactly which parts of the problem will be included in the study?

Importance of the Project

1. Is it clearly indicated why the project is needed?


Literature Review

1. Is the general background of the literature presented to show how the specific project fits into a broader picture of the whole topic area?

2. Is the information on the current research most closely related to the specific problem presented?

3. Is it indicted how the literature being reviewed relates to the project throughout?


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