CHAPTER 3- PART ONE: Blog Post Topic: Research and select a current event th
CHAPTER 3- PART ONE: Blog Post Topic: Research and select a current event that relates to a topic being covered in this module. Your submission should include 2 parts: Part 1: A summary of the selected article with web link and citation Part 2: An explanation of how the article relates to concepts currently being reviewed in class Blog Post Guidelines: Submit your entry to your blog in no less than 100 words. Your entry should follow the provided rubric. Do not forget to include the weblink and citation for your current event. ______________________________________________________________________ PART TWO: CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING PROMPTS: Answer the question at the end of your writing create a question for your classmates about the prompt you selected. You can use your textbook and online resources to help you, however, your sources must be cited. Your reply must be a full page in MLA format without a header (name, date, class, etc..) and you must reply to 2 of your classmate's questions with a full paragraph( 4 sentences and compliments do not count). Prompt 1:Think about the discussion of the issue of same-sex marriage found throughout Chapter 3. Under our federalist system, how has this issue been decided? Given recent federal court decisions on the issue of same-sex marriage, how would the policy be different if we had a unitary system of government? How would government policy differ on the question of same-sex marriage if we had a confederal system? Can you think of another example of an issue today which would render different decisions based on how states were organized? Prompt 2:The primary advantages of American federalism is that it allows for a diversity of political subcultures and allows for stability to be maintained by allowing the populace to have more direct influence over state and local issues. Do you think this is still the case today? Why or why not? Are there ways in which political subcultures may undermine stability? Prompt 3:Chapter 3 discusses sources of vertical control on government and horizontal control on government. Which set of controls on government do you believe is the most effective and why? Prompt 4:Two of the main factors influencing the relationship between the national government and the states is the extent of the national government’s regulatory powers and its tax and spending power, which allows for federal grant-making. In practice, has this difference been consequential for limiting the federal government? Explain. Does this distinction matter for the development of federalism? Prompt 5:Think about the advantages and disadvantages of American federalism. How does immigration policy display both the advantages and disadvantages to federalism?

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