Course Project DeVry UniversityCollege of Engineering and Information Sciences

Course Number: CEIS209




10. Open the code in Form.cs. Add the following statement at the top of the code with the rest of the using statements: using Microsoft.Web.WebView2.Core;

11. Add a “Play” button. Recall that clicking on an item in the songList places the song details into the outputText textbox. Add a small “Play” button (playButton) below the Web View


12. Double-click on the new “Play” button and fill in the code for the PlayButton_Click event handler. The code should:

a. Get the index of the selected song in your songList songIndex=songList.SelectedIndex;

b. Using the index of the selected song, obtain the URL for the selected song (urlArray[songIndex])

c. Send the URL to the Web View and play the video


13. When you run your video manager you should see the Microsoft site appear immediately. If you don’t, you may need to download the web view runtime from Microsoft:

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