Car case
Read the SMART (car) and Smart Logistics case. Read the
a narrative story of this
Grammar No errors (fragments, comma splices, run-ons). 1-3 errors (fragments,
Writer’s Choice
Read "Skywoman Falling" and 4 other creation stories. When you
Consumer Artifact Analysis: Pokemon Cards
Essay #1: Consumer Artifact Analysis Essential Components of the Consumer
Write a discussion post about the four perspectives that you
Personal narrative
Write a personal narrative (roughly a page and a half).
Writer’s Choice
Journal 4: Practicing Rhetorical Synthesis This journal entry will introduce
the same research paper you wrote can you please do this as well on it
Annotated Bibliography Submission Section 1 of 1 Objectives The student
Set of instructions for a website (with description of the application of personas)
Writing Assignment #2 Set of Instructions for a Local Website
Writing Assignment #5 Briefing Paper
Summary of the Assignment: • Task: In this paper, you
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