Assignment: Working With Data
To prepare for this Assignment, review the Week 4 Handout:
Case Study of Personality
questions are about the following theories Biology of Personality Evolutionary
complete assigment
Summarize your strategies for conducting a literature search and finding
Introduction to Marriage and Family Counseling.
15 points of total grade - Research Article Presentation &
 In this discussion, you will examine other studies on memory
Highlights from Readings from the McGoldrick and Hardy (MH) book
1) highlight or take away from each of the five
Week 4
InstructionsSocioeconomic Factors: Literature ReviewThe research and application of psychology is
 Your post should be no longer than 2-3 paragraphs and
week 4
Interpret and compare the performances of students in a test
Week 4 Discussion
Intelligence and Adaptive TestingBased on your understanding of the standard
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