Identify whether you were assigned a pro or con
A case on any United States Supreme Court case that
week 4journal
All questions are worth 20 points: Discuss the legal philosopher
week 4 chat
DirectionsDiscuss the controversial issues surrounding the protections of the Second
Week 5 Discussion Forum – Parole for Juveniles sentenced to life in prison /NO PLAGARISM PROFESSOR USES TURNITIN
   Articles:[4/15/19] Juvenile Lifer at Center of U.S. Supreme Court Case
4230 mod 6 quest
 Chapter 10 Questions:1) What are the characteristics of mentally disordered
4230 cj mod 5 db
 Open the two links regarding the Allen County Restoration Court
Comparative Justice Systems
 Comparative Justice Systems       you will focus on examining global criminal activity
POWERPOINT Presentation
Discussion Board Post Presentations  - focus on an Environmental Crime
ethical dilemma
Analyzing an ethical dilemma.You are transplant nurse coordinator, thinking about
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