Module 7-1
InstructionsThe final version of your entire project is due at
Unit 5 IP – HR Policy Manual
The Director of Human Resources at Green Branch Coffee was
Strategies for Managing Resources
the strategies you plan to use to manage the resources
Learning Project 2
Based on your evaluation of an organization or a segment
Discussion 7
 Belief SystemsFromma Walsh, the author of your text, refers to
Discussion 9
 The Changing SocietyOur society is changing rapidly. As Human Service
Discussion 10
 A Changing Social Service SystemAs a Human Service Professional, you
Discussion 8
 Resources and InterventionsYou have learned about the importance of taking
HR Scenario
Directions belowAPA, 1-2 pgsMy profession is: Human Resource ManagementEvent to
intro week 1
  What do glossophobia, achluoyphobia, acrophobia, aerophobia and agoraphobia all
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