CASE VIGNETTE Student Instructions: You are a case worker with ACS. Sandy and he
CASE VIGNETTE Student Instructions: You are a case worker with ACS. Sandy and her two children were assigned to you. Your agency’s program goal is to work with families who have come to the attention of ACS and provide family preservation interventions. An assessment of the living situation of Sandy and her children has already been done, and recommends that the children not be removed. You are asked to work with the family to put an action plan in place and follow up on their progress. Current Situation: Sandy is bipolar with suicidal ideations. She has never acted on her suicidal ideations but she yells, screams, and is combative with others. She specifically yells and screams at her children, Allison (age 7) and Mary (age 14). Sandy’s way of communicating with the children is to yell at them. She yells at them to get up, do their homework, wash the dishes, and clean their rooms. Sandy is combative with the neighbors and yells and screams at them. Neighbors are fearful of her because of her behavior, but she has never attacked them. The children are embarrassed by their mom’s behavior and wish she would stop. The children do well in school but do not participate in any school activities, nor do they invite friends to their home. Allison was crying at school last month because she was being picked on by her peers who were saying her mother was “crazy”. Source: Brown, V.A. (2002). Child welfare case studies. Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon Mini-Assignment 3: Intervention OUTLINE Mini-Assignment 3: Intervention is designed to provide social work students with the opportunity to explore intervention in child welfare practice from theoretical and practice perspectives. Please answer the below questions in paragraph form. The paper should be one to two pages in length, double spaced, and use Times New Roman font in a 12-point size. This assignment is due on Friday, July 1st, 2022, 11:59p. Please upload the assignment to Blackboard. ***Late assignments are not accepted*** I. Intervention (Theory) a. What is the intervention process? b. When does the intervention process begin? c. Describe role of the social work professional in the intervention process? d. What are two (2) ways in which family engagement in the intervention is important to child welfare practice? Please explain these two ways while referencing course material to substantiate all points made. e. What are two (2) factors that can make intervention process challenging for the worker, and or the family? f. How might you, as the social worker be able to mitigate these challenges? II. Intervention (Practice) Please base the answers to the following questions on the attached vignette. Describe to role of the social work professional to the child and or the child’s family during the intervention process? How might you, as the worker engage this child and or the child’s family in the intervention process? Using the course text, please help me to understand how these approaches could be a best fit for this scenario in particular? What are two (2) challenges you may encounter in the intervention process with the child and or the child’s family? Please describe how you can prepare for and address these challenges.

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