Case Study Presentation: 20 pts. Due: 1159 pm, July 1st To begin, there is a lis
Case Study Presentation: 20 pts. Due: 1159 pm, July 1st To begin, there is a list of case studies related to the topics covered in this class. Please select a case and use it to prepare your presentation. Description: 2. Case Analysis Presentation (20 pts): There will be several cases selected from assigned book chapters. Students are responsible for selecting a case, after that please include the elements in your response: (a) summarizing the background and reporting the court decision, (b) explaining a legal concept used in this case to help the judge make the decision, (c) reporting implications you learn from this case applicable to a sport and recreation management situation (d) references (list all primary, secondary and other legal sources) To complete this assignment, please submit this paper to Blackboard. This paper should be no longer than a single space page (roughly 800-1000 words). Please use the additional page to list references. When writing this paper, it is important that you write in your own words and minimize quotes or "copy and paste." Please use citations to give credit to knowledge sources included in your paper. Alternatively, you can submit a video link with a transcription or captions. Please don't submit your video file directly to Blackboard. Instead, create a Youtube video and make it an unlisted video. Once done, Youtube will give you a weblink. Copy and paste that web link. Case Study Presentation must be submitted no later than 1159 pm, 7/1 (Fri). While we don't have a class that week (6/27-7/1), this week might give you some free time to complete this project. To help you identify and study the case, Here are some recommendations. 1. Search the selected case online and see if this case can be found in several places (publication reported by the court, law firm website, attorney's blog...etc.) 2. Find the source that has organized the information of your selected case. See Ex1 and Ex2 for case summaries with information easy to find. 3, Use this source, along with others (news, precedent this cases cited, laws related to this case), to prepare your Paper 4. Work on the paper as early as possible!

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