Case study Assesment
CASE STUDY: ASSESSMENT REPORT The purpose of this paper is to enhance your ability to administer instruments and report results, which is crucial for assessment and communication with clients. Rubric and Guidelines of Case Study: Assessment Report (300 points) The assessment administrations for this final paper will consist of the following measurements: 1. A biopsychosocial assessment (100 points) 2. An assessment report of a standardized test (160 points) (at least 5 pages in length) The format of the Case Study: Assessment Report Paper is available for you to download at "Paper Guidelines and Submission" under "Assessment Paper" on the left of your blackboard screen linked to the course. 3. A mocked client’s standardized test results in the pdf or jpg format (40 points) Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI) Introduce the following statement to the person who will be taking the assessment: I am practicing administering assessment tools, and I have not achieved competence in administering assessments. Therefore, the test results should not be considered conclusive as they may or may not be an accurate reflection of you. Additionally, the results should not be used for making any diagnoses or treatment decisions.

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