Case study 1 (GROUP PROJECT : 3 PEOPLE ) Write a paper examining the case of Ne
Case study 1 (GROUP PROJECT : 3 PEOPLE ) Write a paper examining the case of Netflix and Blockbuster. You will examine the reasons why Netflix thrived, and blockbuster declined during a period of technological transition. It is crucial to utilize course material to show your understanding of the change processes needed for successful transitions. TEXTBOOK: (CAMERON & GREEN) MUST BE YOUR PRIMARY SOURCE OF REFERENCE Title page, citations, and reference page needed 8 – 9 pages (minimum) Case study 1 PRESENTATION: Give a Power Point Presentation as a group summarizing your findings in your paper. Each member of your group must present 15 – 20 mins in length (minimum) Topical Questions: What roles do leaders play in the change process? What styles, qualities, and skills are crucial when navigating the organization through change events? CASE STUDY (American Factory) DISCUSSION IN CLASS The paper must focus on 3 points 1. what are the issues 2. why are they happening 3. how to resolve them the second question is most important, it takes 80% in this paper. This is a group case study, for my part, I only focus on the case of Blockbuster, please do not focus on Netflix, I need to write 3 pages long to explain all three points, but the second one takes 80% pages in my part, so "2. why are they happening" is most important.

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