CASE CONCEPTUALIZATION Analyze the following case study using the six sections l
CASE CONCEPTUALIZATION Analyze the following case study using the six sections listed on Slide 3 in the pdf attached (use the 6 sections as headings). You may use point form. Case #1 Rebecca (she/her, 35 yrs old) has been married to her husband, Jack (he/him, 37 yrs old for 9 years. They are both successful in their careers, and Rebecca earned a promotion approximately 1 year ago. Rebecca reports that they have had a happy marriage until this past year. Approximately 2 years ago, they decided to begin trying to have a child. After 18 months without pregnancy, they began seeking treatment for infertility. During testing, it was discovered that Rebecca has an abnormality in her reproductive system and that there is a low chance of her being able to conceive and carry a baby to term. Since this time, Rebecca reports that she has been irritable and has been starting fights over small things they never used to fight about. She feels guilty about always starting fights and doesn’t know why she does it. Rebecca also shares that she notices she’s begun drinking 1-2 glasses of wine daily, which is an increase as she used to only drink at social events. Rebecca shares that she has a lot of negative thoughts and tells her husband things like, “I’m the problem, you should find someone else” and “You should have never married me, I’m barely a woman. I can’t even have a baby.” Rebecca says that Jack reassures her that he wants to be with her regardless of whether they can have biological children. She reports having repetitive thoughts about being defective and has started avoiding being around other women and children.

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