Case: Amisha Gupta’s First Year-1
READ: Chapter 6 (Foundations of Business 6th Edition) READ CASE: Amisha Gupta's First Year-1 Prepare: HBS Case (attached) **Prepare a written case analysis** Guide to Case Analysis: 1. Read the case relatively quickly. 2. Re-read the case w/the eye of a consultant. 3. Write a brief intro paragraph addressing major facts, players, etc. Try and keep to one paragraph. 4. Provide a written discussion with an analysis of the issues in the case. 5. Try and offer some advise/recommendations. 6. Within your discussion, analysis, and advice/recommendations be sure to apply the assigned reading/theory. Try and reference as much as you can from the reading. Take theory and put it into practice. 7. Try and keep your submission to approximately 2.5 pages double spaced.

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