Capstone project
  • This is my final capstone assignment that will consist of 9 pages plus an appendices section that will be used to reference most parts of the paper. 
  • For the appendices section I will attach every model and PowerPoint necessary for the project and the appendices section. I will also attach a detailed outline that you should follow in the attached file labeled Final Capstone Detailed Instructions.  It will give you clear-cut instructions for what to do in each section.
  • I will attach everything I have done up until this point in the upload file section that will be labeled capstone help to help you understand what my capstone project is about. 
  • It is essential to use headers in the assignment as well so the teacher can know what is being read. 
  • Last but not least the instructions that have bold details behind them are essential to help you understand the other documents I will upload besides the instructions and capstone help uploads. 

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