BUS 115 Business Plan Grading Rubric Intro Business 115-500 10 points-Executive
BUS 115 Business Plan Grading Rubric Intro Business 115-500 10 points-Executive Summary: 1-2 pages, summarize your business concept, particular your business model. This defines how the company will generate revenue and produce a profit. Must be compelling, giving someone a reason to keep reading. Describe your product/service and its market potential. Highlight important things about your company and its leadership team. Summarize your financial projections and indicate how much money you will need and where it will be spent. Summary of everything your business plan details! 5 points-Mission and Objectives: Explain the purpose of your business and what you hope to accomplish. 5 points-Company Overview: Give full background information on the origins and structure of your business. This is where you explain your experiences that give you more credibility to start your intended business. Explain your location. 5 points-Products or Services: Detailed description of your products and services. Focus on their unique attributes and their appeal to customers. 5 points--Management and Leadership: Summarize the background and qualifications of the people most responsible for the company’s future success. 10 points-Marketing Plan-Description of your marketing plan for the business to include the marketing mix. 5 points-Operations Plans: Provide information on facilities, equipment, and personnel requirements. Certificates? Training and development? 5 points--Start Up Schedule: Forecast development of the company in terms of completion dates andf major aspects of the business plan. 20 points-SWOT Analysis: Identify all potentially positive and negative internal and external aspects to your business. 20 points-Financial Projections and Requirements: Include a detailed budget for start-up expenses, and start-up operating expenses, as well as projections for income, expenses, and cash flow for the first 3 years of business. Identify your business financial needs and potential resources. What is your break-even point? 10 points-Exit Strategy: Explain how investors will be able to cash out or sell their investment, such as through a public offering or payback loan with interest. Exit Strategy includes a detailed description of the systems that you will execute to systemize your business. Appendix: Any supporting research, documents that are important to add to your business plan. Anything that your reference earlier in the plan…place reference here.

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