Briefly summarize the important demographics of the case and introduce the clien
Briefly summarize the important demographics of the case and introduce the client. Be sure to exclude identifying details about the client, when describing them or the case. Identify, discuss and interpret the primary information you gathered and organized to understand the client’s situation. (You must use the biopsychosocialspiritual assessment as a guide or select another comprehensive assessment tool to collect, organize and interpret the information gathered to understanding of the client’s situation. If using another assessment tool, please identify the differing tool you chose and attach it your submission). It must be an evidence-based assessment tool. Using Human Behavior and the Social Environment knowledge, identify a developmental theory (e.g. moral reasoning, cognition, stages theory, etc…) to further interpret and analyze the primary client. Discuss two (2) areas of their current development which impacts their behavior and choices in their current situation. (this should be limited to a page and a half or less) Remember you are using the theory to analyze and interpret your assessment of the client, NOT explaining the theory in general. Choose one additional major social work perspective (e.g. Person-in-environment, strengths perspective, eco-systems perspective, feminist perspective, etc…) to interpret and analyze the client’s choices and actions in their current situation (this should be limited to no more than a page). Based on your discussion of the client’s development, discuss 2 primary strengths, 2 primary needs and 2 primary challenges of the client and client system. Identify and discuss 2 goals and 2 objectives for the client and client system based on your analysis and interpretation of the strengths, needs and challenges presented. Discuss how you will develop mutual agreement on these identified goals and objectives with the client, using one peer-reviewed source that supports your approach. Discuss your intervention strategy for moving forward with this client. (please note, this question does not ask for specifics of an intervention, but rather the proposed overall strategy for addressing the needs and challenges you identified earlier and maximize the identified strengths of the client). You will submit a detailed intervention plan in SOWK 695. Your strategy should be an overall approach, not specific actions you will take. Use Peer-Reviewed article only Use the Case Study I have included

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