Biodiversity hotspots: why are these places diverse?
For this assignment, you should review all you have learnt over the past weeks about biodiversity, and why some areas are more biodiverse than others and then apply that learning to answer the following question: For each of the 9 biodiversity hotspots found in Africa, why is THAT place more biodiverse than other parts of Africa? Why was it designated as a biodiversity hotspot? Madagascar + Indian Ocean Islands (Madagascar, Comoros and others) Coastal Forests of Eastern Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique) Guinean Forests of West Africa (multiple West African countries) Cape Floristic Region (South Africa) Succulent Karoo (South Africa) Mediterranean Basin (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria) Maputaland-Pondoland-Albany (South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique) Eastern Afromontane (Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda) Horn of Africa (Somalia, Kenya and others) You can do this using the chart below!

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