Below you’ll find a forum topic to discuss. Your discussion need not exceed 300
Below you'll find a forum topic to discuss. Your discussion need not exceed 300 words but discussions and with less than 150 words will be considered incomplete. Your discussion ought to sufficiently support your ideas and opinions with appropriate textbook citations, additional sources or relevant examples. Your discussion ought to exhibit good writing and analytical skills, appropriate for an MBA level. Please ensure you adhere to APA and grammatical standards, there may be occasional, random Turn-it-in verification. Topic 1 A leader is seen as a person who can lead his people (followers) in a situational crisis. However, when a leader doesn’t demonstrate himself as a leader but as an ordinary person, it creates panic and dissatisfaction among his people. In my opinion, Donald Trump didn’t play the role of a leader when it was the time of coronavirus in contrast to other leaders such as Justin Trudeau or Jacinda Ardern or Narendra Modi. Donald’s perception is not clear about the coronavirus. He said that it was a new hoax when all the other leaders, such as Justin Trudeau or Jacinda Ardern, were concerned with the safety of their people (The Atlantic, 2020). The observation of Donald Trump on coronavirus was seen as an ignorant person. As per him, the risk was very low, which was certainly not the case. He didn’t wear a mask for his safety. He also said that wearing the mask is voluntary, whereas other countries made it mandatory. As a result, his reflection as a leader was not remarkable compared to other leaders of the world. The decision quality of Donald Trump as U.S. President was poor. He even stopped the funding for WHO, whereas other countries wanted to do the research and come up with vaccination which was only possible by funding from WHO. Therefore in my view, Donald Trump lacked Self-awareness and situational awareness. His perception was against the reality which caused millions of deaths in the U.S. concerning the coronavirus situation. Reference: The Atlantic. (2020). Donald Trump: A Study in Leadership [YouTube Video]. In YouTube.

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