Below are the specific instructions given for the paper. Our topics are already
Below are the specific instructions given for the paper. Our topics are already chosen. The paper needs to be written about Nursing Shortages. I am attaching the file for the informal proposal that has already been submitted as a guideline. What to do: Investigate a social issue of your choice and write a research paper that proposes a way to create change. This means simply arguing for awareness, will not be a viable thesis. Your paper should present a clear thesis and provide your audience with some form of call to action. Audience: You will have to determine an appropriate audience for your paper. For example, if you are discussing eviction, your audience might be a political representative or a group (conference members, voters, landlords, or tenants). Your audience may or may not be familiar with your exact research, but they are familiar with the larger conversations that are significant to your topic. In other words, keep the discussion focused on your research and your thesis. Advice: Begin constructing this project by investigating an issue that interests you. Once you have an idea, use the informal proposal to help refine that idea. It may be in your best interest to think local. As you work to refine ideas, consider how those issues affect your local community. The goal is to present a viable way to help, not solve the whole problem. For example, if you are discussing eviction, how does that issue affect your local community? What specific audience might be able to help that situation in your own community? How do I know if I am being specific enough with my topic? To accompany this project, we will also be completing an informal proposal. Your informal proposal must include the situation (what is known), the problem (what is not known/ what is unaccounted for), and a proposed thesis. We will be using this informal proposal as a rough outline to begin the paper and create an opportunity to receive feedback on refining ideas and synthesizing research, before drafting. Defining a social issue: Social problems or issues are often conditions defined by the public. When a problem garners enough attention for public outcry and public involvement, it manifests itself as a problem to larger society, challenging social ideals with social realities. However, feel free to challenge and explore conditions that may not currently be considered a social issue. Oftentimes, certain groups, mass media, group visibility, and ideologies influence or shape public opinion to perceive certain conditions as a social issue Specifics: Your project should follow standard MLA formatting. It should take you around 4-6 pages and 5-8 sources to complete this project.

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