Before you begin your assignment, remember how you felt when watching, and readi
Before you begin your assignment, remember how you felt when watching, and reading these pieces. What emotions did you feel? What specifics generate those emotions? Are there personal experiences you can compare to those in the literature? Your final exam requires you to synthesize the final pieces we have viewed and discussed. These pieces represent a culmination of all the themes we have addressed this semester. Consider the most comprehensive theme possible when writing your essay. Your introduction must include a brief summary of the pieces we are addressing, and your thesis must be specific as to the focus of your final paper. BE SURE YOU DO NOT MERELY WRITE A PLOT SUMMARY. You can organize this in a variety of ways or combination of ways. You could dedicate a single section to each piece and address the requirements in them, or you could address theme in one section and incorporate how each piece treats the theme. In your submission, be sure to address all of the required elements: THE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENT OF YOUR PAPER IS ADDRESSING how these characters and the pieces’ themes fit Joseph Campbell’s theories and philosophies: the hero? · Select at least TWO CHARACTERS from each film, and explain how he/she meets the moral objective of the hero. · Explain at least two deeds/acts from each film, and explain how the character began the journey. Were they thrown in, lured, or did they choose that journey? · Identify one deed from each film, and explain whether that deed/journey was physical or spiritual. · Identify one character from each film, and explain how he/she saved himself/herself. In addition to the above, in your essay, address the following: · Common themes of the pieces Ways you have witnessed similar unnecessary acts of kindness Ways you have implemented similar helpful acts Ways you plan to change the world by starting in your smaller area of exposure HOW DO THESE CHARACTERS REFLECT ALL OF US? We all have flaws, demons, and vices. Consider, for example, Trevor’s grandmother’s alcoholism. She still manages to pay it forward, so she does demonstrate some sacrifice and redeeming value. Basic Paper Requirements: To effectively deal with the subject matter, your paper should be no fewer than 2,000 words and will, most likely, be a 2,500 words or more to adequately address the assignment. Must be typed, double spaced. Include specific examples from the pieces. Use an appropriate header.

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