Before responding to this discussion, please read Chapter 18 and the information
Before responding to this discussion, please read Chapter 18 and the information about remedies for breach of contract as well as the instructions below. 1. Generally, how are liquidated damages distinguished from some of the other damages such as compensatory damages. (2 - 4 sentences) Specific Performance is where the court orders that the breaching party perform contractual duties as promised. This is an equitable remedy and as noted on page 550, "is available only when the injured party has no adequate remedy at law..." Of course, this remedy may still not be granted if certain circumstances exist such as if the injured party had acted in bad faith, among others. Each case is unique. Please see the discussion of specific performance in your textbook before posting. For this discussion board, please address the following questions: Suppose that a contract involves the sale of real estate. The plaintiff would like to specifically enforce the contract rather than receive monetary damages for the breach. Analyze any issues as to whether specific enforcement may be available. Compare to a request to enforce a contract for the sale of a XYZ computer that is generally available for purchase. (3 - 5 sentences) Imagine that the hypothetical plaintiff above would also like to have the specific performance remedy available for the breach of a promise to perform a personal service. For example, the plaintiff would like to have a contract for employment or artistic performance to be specifically enforced. Distinguish this hypothetical situation from the example above. (2 - 3 sentences)

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