Before beginning, be sure to do a review of this semester’s readings so that you
Before beginning, be sure to do a review of this semester's readings so that you are able to design a public relations plan (proper format expected - this is NOTan essay) for the launch of your new product/service/business.... Note that there are three (3) parts to this module's written submission. 1 - Explain the product/service/business, etc. to be launched via this PR effort, along with any necessary background. Use a creative, new idea - even if it is highly improbable (no plagiarism)! 2 - Design a complete PR Campaign/Plan for this launch, reflecting an IMC campaign, including at least the basic elements listed below - with at least five (5) different tactics required. Note that a budget need not be detailed as part of this plan (lucky!). Note that there are many variations to the Public Relations Plan format. At the very least, your plan should consist of the following basic elements/components/headings: 1. Title for the plan - organization/product/service (5 points) 2. Campaign Background Strategy - reason for the plan (5 points) 3. Objectives (goals of the campaign) (5 points) 4. SWOT - analyze the market and your ability to deliver (10 points) 5. Key Messages - at most 1-3 if there are messages to be used throughout (think IMC) (5 points) 6. Publics (demographics/psychographics) (10 points) 7. Tactics/Messages (reflect an IMC campaign; each tactic should address a specific objective message for a particular public; add a message related to the key message (25 total points = 5 points each (match Publics); -5 without IMC reflection) 8. Calendar/Timetable (Include the calendar of tactic development/execution/duration leading up to and, possibly, following the launch of the product/service. (5 points) 9. Budget (not needed for this project) 10. Reflection/Evaluation of the plan (How will this communication plan be evaluated/measured for effectiveness?) (5 points) 3 - Create two (2) tactics listed in the plan as examples. Be sure this is not a duplicate description of what is listed within the tactics. These must be mock-ups, pictures, text from commercials, an actual news release, flyer about an special event, web site etc. (20 points; 10 points each) Be sure to think, draft, revise, edit, proofread and complete a final edit before submitting your work. Remember this is more of an outline, not an essay. (5 points)

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