Because we are well versed in writing this will be a final draft only assignment
Because we are well versed in writing this will be a final draft only assignment. Paper style: Persuasive Page length: 5 pages Resource requirement: 3 credible sources Paper format: APA Paper Assignment: Students are to write an essay in which they persuade a skeptical, indecisive audience about the changes needed to made about one of the following topics: Stereotypes (this topic is broader and one can pick from race, gender, sex, etc) Activism (see this link as a jumping off point) Media bias (see this link to help you understand media bias) Students are to choose one of the above topics which has a minimum of two angles or two ways of approaching or discussing it. Using forms of persuasion, not including logical fallacies or misrepresenting information, students are to write a persuasive essay which will include discussions of the opposition and then a refutation against the opposition. Utilizing the proper and expected academic writing style, students will write papers that are elevated in language and writing style. Plagiarism of any form will not be accepted and will result in a zero. Students are to utilize the lessons learned pertaining to citing information in addition to proper usage of summarization, paraphrasing, and quoting. Grading: Students will be graded on content, research elements, style (persuasive), grammar, spelling, organization, content, detail, and readability.

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