basically all you need to do is reply to this post with a minimum of 150 words f
basically all you need to do is reply to this post with a minimum of 150 words for each reply and 2 references for each. like hey very great discussion post and add facts and add your references atleast two if possible for each reply please make sure its in APA 6th edition the professor is very strict. start with Hi Barbara, and then references & same with the second discussion post Barbara Jaime What are some suggestions that you would like to share regarding disseminating your research findings? As student, part of our formation or training is to do a research project. There is important to try to do an important research paper emphasizing in an interesting topic with possible future inspiration research. We should try to do something useful for others. In my opinion, I ‘d like to share my research finding in two forms. For example, as a short conference paper; it is for small studies like my project. This type of finding dissemination usually goes through a rigorous peer-review process and for this reason I will need a supervision and a great expert person that will guide me. Also, Journal articles are another form to disseminate the findings; this type of publications are for completed research and we need to bring all detailed information about the employed methods, results, and the contribution to the research field (Fortes, 2018). How would you present them for presentation or defense? Presenting or defense our research project should be an opportunity to share with others something very important. First of all, to be a robust presentation, we should plan what should be included, organize the details of the research, used the guidelines of the American Psychological Association (APA) publication manual, and bring the appropriate depth and terminology in the presentation (Chambers, 2014). We can present our project in a power point with specific information or message. Giving the data in graphics or tables doing the presentation concise and with accuracy information. Additionally, discuss the rationale and responsibilities for the publication of your research. I conducted my study with the purpose of emphasize that the training or education intervention giving to the providers to reduce the incidence of urinary infections in patients with urinary catheter is effective in that reduction (it is my rationale). My responsibility as a nurse (health provider) is to give all evidence founded in the health practice and all the statistics that support the effectivity of the education to the health provider in order to diminish the incidence and recurrence of urinary infection in patient with urinary catheter. All our effort is focused in give a high quality of care with the minimum indices of acquire disease in the health facilities. References Fortes, Gustavo (2018). How to publish about your research results for academic and non- academic audiences. research-results-for-academic-and-non-academic-audiences/ Chambers, Richard (2014). Presenting your research effectively. Best practices for building presentations and displaying data. FROM THE SCIENCE STUDENT COUNCIL Laura Suarez: Week 13 Discussion Presenting Research Findings & Publishing Research Results There are several options to the dissemination of research findings. Nowadays the possibilities include the hard copies, online professional websites, and specialized forums. However, there is a common standpoint in relation to the professionalism, quality, and assertiveness regarding the design of the presentation. With more accessibility to resources (digital, in technologies, and media), there is no chance to generate something that cannot be integrated in an appealing visual form and an effective presentation. Just considering that to take attention in the finding, it is necessary to demonstrate the seriousness of the people involved in the process of presenting the results. One alternative is through the conference at any level or setting. Nevertheless, the presentation of a conference also conveys the analysis of the audience, the location, timing, and opportunity (Tappen, 2016). Another option is the poster presentation which can be displayed also in certain types of conferences. The main advantage of the poster is about the summary where all to be presented is displayed in the banner. Then, the remaining type for the exposition is for the process of delivering questions and answers. For the posters, the TIMRAD methodology which serves as a guide to condense the data and information. Similarly, in combination with posters, the use of graphs may be necessary to reinforce specific significance of values. Nevertheless, it is important also to accomplish the guidelines for poster presentations such as the use of fonts, sizes, and distribution. In the case of the actual research, the topic and nature of the investigation is more related to a formal presentation rather than a defense. One critical point is the assumption of the simulation of the final results. In any case, there would be reports to the groups of interests and the general public with the idea to take attention to health issues that have been ignored within the young female members of Latin communities and the case of Anorexia nervosa. Moreover, it represents an interesting point: the publication of the research and other in the same topic in any professional journal to create the stimuli for posterior investigation in the topic (Bekker & Clark, 2018). References Bekker, S., & Clark, A.M. (2018). Improving qualitative research findings presentations: Insights from genre theory. International Journal of Qualitative Methods. doi:10.1177/1609406918786335 Tappen, R. M. (2016). Advanced nursing research: From theory and practice (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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