Based on your faculty member’s feedback, create an Executive Summary, complete T
Based on your faculty member's feedback, create an Executive Summary, complete Table of Contents, Bibliography, and title slide and proceed with the following topics: Promotion mix tools (list and discuss how they will support marketing communications objectives identified in part 1 -topic 10) above Promotion budget (general discussion on most appropriate budget method to use, the overall $ amount and an approximation of the percent of budget for each promotion mix tools and other costs).  Remember to allocate a budget for market research, public relations, personal sales and sales promotion costs. Promotion mix strategy (push versus pull or combination, integrated use of personal/non-personal communications) & your rationale. Promotion mix tools (advertising objectives, message and media strategies and plan). PR objectives and tools, personal sales objectives and strategy. direct marketing, e-active and online objectives and strategy) Methods to evaluate the overall plan results and the timing you want each evaluation tool used. Bibliography for whole plan Exhibits (logo, disclaimer copy, etc.)

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