Based on the Ethical Inquiry page, In Practice page, and your own personal exper
Based on the Ethical Inquiry page, In Practice page, and your own personal experience, answer the prompts below: Generally, who defines morals in society? And, do you think these morals are objective (universal, unrelated to one’s input), subjective (subject to one’s input), or some combination of both? Choose a current, moral problem for society. Use reasoned belief (valid premises that support a conclusion) to explain why you see this as a moral problem. Each discussion post must show evidence of learning by referring to the course material as either an in-text citation or parenthetical citation. An in-text citation to page five of a Plato reading I have assigned would look like this (Plato 5). And for minutes 2:30 through 3:15 of the video “The Good Life,” it would look like this (“The Good Life” 00:02:30-00:03:15). A parenthetical citation of page five for a Plato reading "Allegory of the Cave" could be written in the following way. In Plato's "Allegory of the Cave", he suggests that a once deceived person who is now exposed to the light would not be able "to see any of the things that are now revealed to him" due to the overwhelming nature of the light (5). If this is no page number, you can omit the (5) at the end of the line. Citations: Introduction 1 Hobbes, Thomas. Leviathan, London, 1651. “Morals.” McCombs School of Business - The University of Texas at Austin, “The Definition of Morality.” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, “Philosophical Health Check.” Philosophy Experiments, Ethical Inquiry 1 “The Good Life: Plato” Khan Academy, Plato. "THE ALLEGORY OF THE CAVE." Republic, VII. “Leonardo DiCaprio & The Nature of Reality: Crash Course Philosophy #4.” Crash Course in Philosophy, In Practice 1 “Fundamentals: Introduction to Critical Thinking.” Khan Academy, "Understanding Fallacies and their Seductive Abuse of Reasoning." SAGE Students, “Fallacies.” The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP),

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