Based on HOTS, complete the instructions. HOTS:
Based on HOTS, complete the instructions. HOTS: USER: 27 PASSWORD: Nebraska Table of contents 1. Your selected KPI (1500 words maximum) 1.1. Introduction 1.2. What three major decisions influenced your KPI the most 1.3. Long term strategy to improve your KPI 2. Distribution (800 words maximum) 2.1. Location 2.2. Distribution channels and justifications 3. What did you learn from HOTS 4. Appendix 5. References 1 Your selected KPI (1500 words maximum): Please complete the document HOTS KPI and location choice. Decide together who will work on which KPI. The document should be uploaded on LMS before April 17th at 23:59. Refer to the Rubric in the document Grading criteria on LMS for further details on the grading. The report has to be uploaded on LMS. One upload link per class. Failing to submit on time will result in a penalty of 0.5 on the grade per 24h. In your report, change the heading of this section to the area you have selected. 1.1 Introduction Name of your Hotel: Service level reached: Your KPI: This section should contain a short introduction to your KPI and the objectives you developed during HOTS for this particular value. Should not exceed 100 words. 1.2 What three major decisions influenced your KPI the most List the major decisions that according to you influenced your KPI the most. Explain the decisions in detail, when they were taken and how they influenced the results either positively or negatively. What was the initial reason(s) for the decisions? Were they taken to purposely influence the KPI or was it a side effect? You may explain mistakes or even “non-decisions” Create tables in the appendix and discuss the results. 1.3 Long term strategy to improve your KPI In the group report you, as a group, described the long-term strategy (next 5 years) for your hotel. Explain and demonstrate in detail how the strategy will impact the KPI you’ve selected for this same period. Show links between the KPI and the hotel’s global results. Your plans / objectives have to be justified with numbers from your results and the forecast provided in the HOTS guide together with the market research in HOTS. 2 Distribution (800 words maximum) 2.1 Location Describe briefly the location selected for your hotel in HOTS. Give information on the market, hotels, customers and specifics of the location. 2.2 Distribution channels and justifications Explain, describe and justify the actual distribution strategy for your HOTS hotel in the selected location (considering the present situation). • Which channels would you use? Select at least four. • Why would you use these channels? Links to product / customers / local environment. • What are the advantages and disadvantages of this distribution mix? Justify your decision with clear explanations of why you are convinced this is the best / smartest thing to do. Use information from the lessons to help justify. Do some research on the real hotels in the location to see which channels they are present on. How can you distinguish yourself from others? What do you need to do to capture your part of the market? Remember to consider the services offered, the customers targeted and the size of your HOTS hotel. Support your decision with a minimum of three sources referenced correctly according to APA. 3 What did you learn from HOTS – not graded but mandatory This section is not graded and NOT included in the page count, however, it is still mandatory. Failing to complete this section will result in a -0.5 penalty on the grade of this report. Write a comment on what you’ve learned from HOTS and include suggestions if any, for improvement for future semesters. 4 Appendix This section should include tables graphs and other information you judge necessary for the different sections. Be sure to number them and correctly refer to them in the text. 5 References

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