B 1. A policy brief is a “short document providing findings and recommendations
B 1. A policy brief is a “short document providing findings and recommendations to an audience who may not be experts in an area of interest” which serves to give policy advice (DeMarco & Adams, 2014, p. 209). Nurse leaders can utilize a policy brief to explain a perceived problem to an administrator, constituents, and/or legislators. A policy brief provides a quick snapshot of the problem or the issue and a solution. Review the section Policy Briefs pp. 300-302 and Box 15-11, in Porche (2019), to assist in understanding the intent and the development of a policy brief. ( WHICH I HAVE ATTACHED BELOW) Reference DeMarco, R., & Adams, K. A. (2014). The mechanics of writing a policy brief. Nursing Outlook, 62(3), 219-224. Assignment Criteria Develop a Policy Brief Utilize the selected bill from Assignment 1- My selected bill is The Resilience Investment, Support, and Expansion (RISE) from Trauma Act 116th Congress (2019-2020) • Type of Bill o Federal bill Follow the guidelines from Porche (15-11) and Weekly Guide/Week 2 The assignment should be one excluding the title and reference page. Include a minimum of three (3) professional peer-reviewed scholarly journal references to support the brief and be less than five (5) years old. Include an APA formatted title and reference page. The brief can be single spaced using 12-pt Times New Roman font and one-inch margins.

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