Attached is a literature review that didnt do well (2/10) and the instructions g
Attached is a literature review that didnt do well (2/10) and the instructions given on what to improve. Also attached is the project but only the Literature Review is needed. This is the Summary of the project: The need for a sitting area in the vicinity of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology is an issue that was highlighted by our group members and it was decided that a gazebo would be a beneficial addition to the landscape. Members worked on different sections to produce a final design of this gazebo. A floor slab with concrete benches and wooden roof supports was the design that was found to be the most suitable for this gazebo. Taking into consideration the weather elements and environmental conditions of the said surroundings, this was deemed the most efficient design. Members were all assigned tasks to undertake the various steps. A Design was first created after which a material list was created and this was then used to create a bill of quantities to highlight the amount of money that will be required for this undertaking. Alternative solutions were also created in the event that they are needed. These solutions follow the same baseline as the original gazebo, however, different materials will be used with small tweaks in the design. Thorough research was also done to investigate the several constraints and limitations that may hinder this project. Several advantages of constructing a gazebo in such a prime location were also highlighted. Objectives The objective of this research was to enhance the comfort of the students of the Faculty of Technology. But more specifically: To determine whether having adequate Shelter and seating enhances student’s wellbeing. To design a structure that will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing

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