Attached below is powerpoints Articles:
Attached below is powerpoints Articles: Need an Introduction and conclusion Part I: The Vulnerable Population (2 – 2.5 pages) Choose a vulnerable population that you have come in contact within your practice and relate your relationship with them. Briefly describe this population from a health perspective (use epidemiological facts demonstrating their vulnerability). Part II: Contributing Factors (2 – 2.5 pages) Using a model from the PPT in this module, reflect on factors that may compound their vulnerability. How may ACES increase risk for becoming part of this vulnerable group? Part III: Positive Change (2 – 2.5 pages) Reflecting on Chin & Kramer’s concept of emancipatory knowing and the concept of hegemony critically examine your ethical role you have as an advanced practice nurse, nurse leader or educator in remedying this wrong? Be specific as to steps you may take within the current healthcare structure to affect change and policies that will increase the health of this population. Other Requirements: Include at least two outside scholarly sources to support the writing of this paper (they may come from the course postings except for the textbook. The majority of the paper by nature of being reflective should come from your personal and professional thoughts. When using own voice use “I”. APA required in all areas of the paper, include a title page and reference page. See an APA Manual or posted resource for APA to complete correctly. Grading will be based on the APA Manual. 7th edition

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