At the end of the semester, you will be expected to put together all of the info
At the end of the semester, you will be expected to put together all of the information and materials you’ve acquired about your selected Theme into a final project. This final project can take various forms— formal paper, video presentation, Power Point presentation, and so forth—and is designed to give you an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and personal opinions about your Theme. Of course, more detailed instructions will be provided beforehand. How has the role, size, and scope of the United States government departed from its original design and evolved over time? When and why did changes or shifts take place, and why is this context important? Were the changes made effective or ineffective? Proactive or reactionary? Progressive or regressive? Popular or unpopular? Permanent or temporary? Do you consider the major developments or changes in government policy to be negative or positive, and do you think the country has moved in the right direction? How are the various turning points or moments in the American government’s story remembered today, and how have they shaped contemporary government policy I would honestly appreicate if this could be written with the least amount of words posssible so I won't have to spend as much. I have attached a document of what I already have

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