ASSIGNMENT You are the Chief People Officer for a new software company, KM Learn
ASSIGNMENT You are the Chief People Officer for a new software company, KM Learning Systems Organizations, Inc. (KMLSO) that has a mission of providing management software that promotes system thinking learning organizations. You have been asked by your boss to present to the board of a potentially large customer the way in which your KMLSO software can help to support their company efforts to make a Systems Thinking Learning Organization. Using, the information below, research, and course materials build a presentation of 12-17 slides using PowerPoint that addresses all the following: Examine what is meant by Systems Thinking (ST) and how ST acts to enhance an organization's efficiency. Describe a Learning Organization (LO) and discuss how LO acts to enhance an organization's efficiency. Analyze how a Systems Thinking (ST) approach to management can enhance a learning organization (LO). Illustrate how ST relates/interfaces with the structure and culture of an organization Illustrate how LO's are supported by the culture of an organization. Include a minimum of 3 scholarly sources and other relevant sources to support your work. This may require additional research. The presentation should be professional in appearance; include visuals such as tables, graphs, clipart to visual concepts, and your conclusions. Provide notes for every slide of the entire presentation either within the presentation or on a notes page. Include in-text citations in the slides and notes themselves and a reference list in the presentation. Slides should flow in terms of organized ideas. Ensure all elements of the assignment have been covered. Follow APA style guidelines for the title page, citations and reference cited page.

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