ASSIGNMENT: What you should do is read at least 3 primary research papers (in a
ASSIGNMENT: What you should do is read at least 3 primary research papers (in addition to the review paper you read to get you started), and you should summarize each study (what did they do, what exactly did they measure, what were the data, what did they conclude), and link the studies into a coherent story about the phenomenon you are writing about - including a paragraph up front to introduce the topic (why is this interesting, why should we care) and a final 1-2 paragraphs to sum up and draw overall conclusions. DO NOT just write a general review of a topic in which you do not discuss the actual experiments and data of the primary research papers you read. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Read more at: FEEDBACK RECEIVED ON MY DRAFT: 1st paragraph should state how the studies you read relate to the overall topic, and what they found (state the key message up front very briefly). Then when you introduce each study make sure it is clear how each study relates to the overall focus of your narrative (and to each other) your statement of the focus in your 1st paragraph is a bit unclear ”neuro-chemical alterations of several neurotransmitters and pathological alterations of respective receptor systems.” are you gong to write about ALL neurotransmitter systems, or just a few? what kinds of alterations? a “neurochemical alteration” does not make sense to me what does targeting a transmitter mean? You need to be clearer in 1st intro paragraph when describing each study, omit unnecessary detail “experiments were injected with 10 mg kg−1 L-DOPA plus 12 mg kg−1 benserazide dissolved in saline, or with 0.9% saline only “ when you cite studies, cite them by authors not journal or title, so for example “Tabassum et al. (2002) reported that all DA neurons were colored pink in AD patients…” imagine explaining each study to a friend, they need to know why a specific chemical was used, what it does, how related to AD, what they exactly measured, what they found explain adequately but do not get bogged down in detail. You can say they used different doses and found that low does grow did XX while high dose group did YYY which means… Don’t report statistics values. Just say there was or was not a significant difference between groups. don't use terms you do not define… bottom page 2 what is a binding potential? final conclusion should summarize the studies you read, what is their message, and how does that relate to the question/topic you raised at the beginning. NOT a general (somewhat meaningless) statement “neurotransmitters such as GABA, serotonin, dopamine and their receptors play an important role in AD. “ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WHAT I NEED: PLEASE FIX MY DRAFT ACCORDING TO THE COMMENTS AND ASSIGNMENT TOPIC. YOU CAN GO OVER 3 PAGES IF NEEDED. I HAVE ATTACHED THE PDFS OF THE THREE SOURCES I USED FOR REFERENCE AND MY DRAFT. THE FILE NAMES ARE EACH NEUROTRANSMITTER PAPER. FEEL FREE TO EDIT FREELY AND CHANGE EVERYTHING BUT PLS NO PLAGIARISM AND FOLLOW THE ASSIGNMENTS AND COMMENTS AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. THANK YOU. PLS REACH OUT IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS. NO NEED TO ADD CITATION PAGE AT THE END I CAN DO THAT BUT ADD IN TEXT CITATION WHEN NEEDED.

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