Assignment requirement: For this assignment, you will create a body log. Body lo
Assignment requirement: For this assignment, you will create a body log. Body log must be about 500 words. Your body log may include a variety of other media: drawings, photographs, video or sound recordings. The writing can be made up of a variety of forms, including creative writing and poetry, quotes from readings that seem pertinent, theoretical writing, sets of questions about your experience, etc. I will post two examples of work submitted in previous years, but they are guides only. Get creative! It is essential that you tie the log into the terms and ideas of the course material. I will assign /we will together determine which terms to focus on exploring for each log (For instance, in Week one we are exploring the term “transcorporeality.” But feel free to also connect your analysis with other concepts raised across readings. I will provide minimal feedback with each submission, but will put the completion of each entry on time towards your final grade on the assignment. In each entry, reflect on some experience you have in that week feeling your posthuman, transcorporeal, non-human embodiment (in the broadest sense of embodiment), including: Emotional or affective attachments to the nonhuman world, including the weather, a pet, a beautiful garden, a certain smell. Moments when the body reacts unexpectedly: you cry at an Applebee's commercial, a mundane object makes you angry for some inexplicable reason. Think about the ways and moments you feel especially tired, worn out and what specifically feels different about those moments Talk about specific emotional states, sadness, depression, love, pity and what nonhuman things, processes, systems may have contributed to that feeling Toxic moments: you smell gasoline while pumping gas and think about it entering your system, you smell a skunk, you accidentally touch a chemical in a lab. A clear moment of transcorporeal existence: your eyes burn from cutting an onion, you have a COVID story, you feel nauseated when you see a dead animal at the side of the road, your mouth waters when you look at a picture of ice cream, A moment when you learn something specific through the body but that you had not registered any other way. For instance, you develop a stomach ache over an event that you were otherwise looking forward to going to, or you smell strong chemicals in a forest you have always thought pristine. Each of these lead you to discover something about the relation between your body and the non-human world. Require Reading martiral: Heather Davis, “Preface” and “Plastic Matter” 1-19 In upload file is a sample for body log writing.

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