Assignment Overview Effective leaders are often the best problem solvers. Proble
Assignment Overview Effective leaders are often the best problem solvers. Problem-solving is the identification of a problem, developing possible solutions, anticipating opposition, and taking the appropriate course of action. The ability to problem solve is a basic life skill, and our ability to problem solve is often evaluated in school, college, and the workplace. For this assignment, you are in a leadership role, and you will compose a problem-solution essay through the application of the Toulmin argument. You will self-select your topic; however, the following topics should be excluded: college athletes and compensation, gun control, the death penalty, drugs/drug abuse and use, teen pregnancy, and global warming issues. Select an issue that is meaningful to you. Guide Style: APA Sources: 5-6 Page(s): 3.5/ 1000 word minimum Point Value: 200 IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM This includes defining the problem, justifying its importance and relevance of researching the problem, and formulation of a working thesis, research question, or hypothesis. Many researchers must agree your problem is worthy of discussion. The statement of the problem includes a problem definition/statement of the problem and justification of the importance of the problem, answering the research question, or testing the hypothesis. This is a concise statement of the problem you are proposing to solve. Define any concepts used that might be unclear. Give an example, if necessary, to clarify what problem you are studying. EXPLAIN THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PROBLEM Justify the problem as an important issue. Explain what is unknown about the problem, the significance of the problem, and why it matters in some way. Use scholarly source materials to demonstrate the importance of the problem. REVIEW WHAT IS KNOWN ABOUT THE PROBLEM Discuss prior research, theory, opinions, or practices that explain the problem. Simply put, you will use the research to communicate what is known about the problem. The body of the paper must contain at least 5-6 peer-reviewed sources. You may search the library databases to locate professional research sources. Newspapers, media web pages, journalistic research summaries, or opinion pieces do not count towards the five peer-reviewed sources, but they may be cited to justify the importance of the problem. SET UP THREE SOLUTIONS AND COUNTERARGUMENTS TO THOSE SOLUTIONS You will present a problem, three viable solutions to the problem, present counterarguments with regard to each solution, emphasize the most effective solution, and end with a traditional summary, logical next steps, or a call to action. Students will use the Toulmin Model of argument to complete this task. The argument will only be as strong as the grounds/data you use. Allow Tolumin logic to do the heavy lifting for you (grounds/data should lead you to the warrant, supported by backing when needed, the qualifiers to limit the claim(s), and a logical conclusion). Anyone should be able to easily determine if the argument is logical or not. I highly recommend that you schedule an appointment with the writing center for this assignment. REFERENCES At least five references in proper APA format should be present. Newspaper or magazine citations do not count toward the five professional research sources unless there are no other types of sources. Competency will be evaluated on how well you define the problem, justify the importance of the problem (try to use quantitative data whenever possible), cite relevant literature, utilize Toulmin logic, provide feasible solutions qualified by your grounds. All sources must be scholarly peer-reviewed sources. Complete references are also needed for your citations. References should be placed in alphabetical order. Papers not formatted in APA format will not be graded. PART TWO: THE MULTIMEDIA PROJECT You will present your problem-solution statement to the class. Your problem-solution essay will be accompanied by a multimedia project. Your multimedia project should be no longer than five minutes. Use your creativity for this project and rehearse your presentation. Do not compose a simple PowerPoint slide/Google slide and read directly from it. You should consider the rhetorical situation. To give a successful presentation, you must know your research, audience, and counterarguments. Since you are learning from a distance, you may utilize ZOOM technology to record yourself or other video technology to present your research to the class. Be sure to include your evidence/research and sources when presenting. You should select multimedia appropriate for the rhetorical situation. In short, a PowerPoint may not be appropriate for your subject, audience, purpose, strategy, and design; you might find an infographic is better suited for the rhetorical situation. The multimedia submission must be original. Your visual should be prominent; you should not be simply a talking head in a video. The following are available multimedia tools/sources you may use (you may use other tools): YouTube video PowToon video Prezi Animoto Kizoa Popplet Photo Peach Tellagami

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