Assignment Instructions During the past few months your work has not gone unnoti
Assignment Instructions During the past few months your work has not gone unnoticed. You have been promoted to the Chief Nursing Officer of TAMIUGH! During this time TAMIU, as a university, opened another Texas A&M campus at Del Rio, Texas, now known as TAMIU-II. As part of this process the state is considering purchasing a nearby hospital, that would become TAMIUGH-II. You have been asked to assist the CFO in the process of due diligence. The CFO has gone over the financial records of the new hospital thoroughly to create the attached financial report. However, he has asked you to help him interpret what these numbers indicate. Your instructor has provided a separate table, which contains various financial ratios, how they are calculated and what each of these indicate. Your task is to review the attached financial report, and to provide an analysis for each of nine items listed at the right. Once this has been completed, you are to provide a brief overview of the financial status of this hospital, as to what this all means when considered together, along with a recommendation as to whether the state should or should not purchase TAMIUGH-II. Remember this assessment and evaluation is solely based on this financial report. There are other members on your team who will report on issues such as the quality of care provided at the hospital, the level of technology and infrastructure at the facility, and the opportunities that this hospital would present to area residents. Once the report is completed upload it to the appropriate assignment link in this module. PLEASE PUT ANSWERS ON COLUMN H ON SPREADSHEET. CONTACT ME AT 817-907-7060 WITH QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS.

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