Assignment: In this 6-7 page essay, you will introduce a topic focused on commun
Assignment: In this 6-7 page essay, you will introduce a topic focused on communication, you will ask a research question (or two) that remains unanswered within that topic, you will review scholarly literature that helps answer your research question(s), and finally, based on that literature review, you will make an argument for where the research should go next in order to best resolve your research question(s). This assignment builds upon the Comm Topic Exploration Paper and the Infographic; it should include a review of the research articles you did for those assignments. Objectives: To enter into/engage in a scholarly conversation about an important communication topic To conduct a literature review that summarizes and evaluates research that is insightful toward better understanding your research topic and communication phenomenon. To use that literature review to craft a clear, compelling claim about an important communication issue To craft a thesis statement that summarizes your goals for the paper and previews your main steps (main points) toward achieving those goals To demonstrate what you have learned about effective academic writing in the field of communication Format: Your completed essay must include the four major sections of a formal APA paper: Title Page (1 page) Abstract (1 page) Main Body (6-7 pages) References (1-2 pages) Content: You have already chosen a communication-related topic area previously this semester, and you have received feedback around your topic selection, research question(s) and preliminary research. Because of this progress, it is highly recommended that you keep that topic. However, you are ultimately responsible for the content and topic for this essay and you may choose to change your topic. Keep in mind though, that your final topic must relate directly to communication and must review scholarly (academic peer-reviewed) literature relevant to communication. The steps you should accomplish in this paper include: Describe and illustrate a communication phenomenon that widely experienced: Your paper should open by describing an interaction that you have either experienced or witnessed firsthand and that is an effective illustration of the topic you will explore. The topic should have relevance to a wide array of people; not just you. Provide a story-based example that depicts your communication phenomenon Specify the aspect of your interactional story that you will focus on Identify a question raised by your example story and topic explanation that requires exploration and resolution: This question frames the rest of your paper, because the literature review you conduct is aimed at helping to answer it. Specify a question that is raised within your example story/situation that is not easily answered. Make sure that this research question has a wide scope that includes many people’s experiences. Your audience should immediately recognize the importance of your research question. Review academic research articles, both within and outside of communication, that contribute toward a better understanding of your topic/phenomenon and Research Question(s): What have the authors sought to learn with their studies? How have those scholars designed their studies? What have they found while conducting their studies? What about their study and findings is helpful for your topic and phenomenon? Evaluate and/or propose a solution to the problem: This direction fits situations where people agree there is a problem that needs to be solved, but disagree about how to solve it or simply haven’t solved it yet. What is being done about the problem, and is it effective? (evaluate current solutions) What could be done about it, and which solution is best? (compare possible solutions) What should be done about it? (advocate for a particular solution) Research: Your paper should include at least six credible sources of peer-reviewed scholarship that is relevant to communication. If it is not research within the field of communication (i.e., in communication journals), then you need to convincingly describe how it relates to communication. Your paper may include more sources, including non-peer reviewed, but credible material, or professional sources related to the broader topic. Wikipedia, online dictionaries and famous quotes do not count as “credible,” and is not appropriate for the literature-review section of your paper. Recall that using the minimum number of sources equates with C-level, adequate work. To earn an A, you’ll want to use more (usually 10 or more). As mentioned, you potentially already have three: you can use the same sources from the Infographic assignment, if they still work for your topic. Assessment: Your paper will be evaluated based upon how well it meets the criteria below and conforms to the following grading criteria: How well does the essay specify a clear communication phenomenon and topic area? How well does the essay engage and discuss scholarship that is insightful for your communication phenomenon? How strong are the article summaries and evaluations? How well reasoned and supported is the communication argument? Is the paper articulate in writing style without spelling and punctuation errors? Does it avoid contractions, abbreviations, and improper grammar? Are paragraphs focused, purposeful and coherent? Are there useful transitions between paragraphs and between sentences? Does the entire essay show insight and thoughtfulness? How well does the essay demonstrate the writing principles and conventions covered in class this semester? Due Date: Final Paper due on Blackboard by Sunday, May 15th by 11:59 PM.

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