Assignment Details Description: Compose an informative essay that explores a new
Assignment Details Description: Compose an informative essay that explores a new technological development in your field of study (Nursing field). For example, you might choose to explore drone delivery if you are in the IMCT pathway, virtual reality for STEM, or digitized textbooks if you are pursuing Education. (If you need more details about Broward College's various career pathways, visit the "Programs and Degrees" webpage.) In addition to explaining to your audience about the technology, you must also argue whether or not you believe this technology is ultimately beneficial to the field, elaborating why or why not by exploring potential applications, dangers, and/or limitations. For instance, while digitized textbooks may sound like a novel resource in education, what about students who do not have regular or reliable internet access? In order to help you to explain your technology, you should conduct research on your topic and incorporate quotations and/or paraphrases from three research sources within your essay. Note: When composing an informative essay, you must achieve accuracy and disclosure throughout your writing. In other words, always endeavor to present correct information (reinforced through your research and outside sources), and be sure that you provide your reader with sufficient background and detail about your topic, especially considering that they may not be familiar with this technology. You will be required to use at least three research sources in your essay. Your sources must meet the expectations of being credible and appropriate for college-level use by ensuring that they are written by experts in their field. (e.g., articles from magazines, journals, or newspapers; books; government websites, etc.). The best place to find these is via BC Library Databases. Requirements: Your essay should be a minimum of at least 5 paragraphs and 1000 words, typed and double-spaced. Use Times New Roman font in 12-pt size and 1 inch margins. Format your paper according to MLA guidelines. Note that you must also properly cite a minimum of 3 research sources via MLA-format in-text citations and a proper Works Cited Page.

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